Friday, May 29, 2020

Uncertain Times

On Thursday, it was announced that the Boston Marathon will be a virtual event for 2020.  All registered participants have the option of either running a virtual race or request a refund.  At this time, there are no plans of deferring one's entry to 2021.

Personally, though I'm not a race director, a deferment to 2021 would be better than doing a virtual run.  I have the utmost respect for the staff at Boston.  Having run there in 1999, it is the best race ever that I have taken part in.  Just my thoughts on this!

The running world is wondering about the future of our sport.  Unfortunately, there will be more races postponed and/or canceled.  It could be a Abbott Marathon Major.  It could also be your local fun run event.  At this point, nothing surprises me these days on cancelations or events moved.

Until this pandemic is snuffed out and a successful vaccine comes along, things are likely to stay the same as it has for the last 75 days since the lockdown began in this area.

Next week, I'll be sharing a non running topic that is deeper than what is normally done on this blog.  Have a good weekend everyone!


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Definitely A Good Week

The 2019 Boston Marathon Program with 2018 Women's Champion, Des Linden on the cover.
This past week went a little better with a good virtual 5K race and close to 40 miles a week.  I'm a little ahead of pace in the half marathon training program, but am not taking it for granted.  Hopefully this weekend, I will do my first half marathon workout since March 2019.
On to another topic, I found something to do during the evenings.  Besides watching some movies, there are other things that I was able to tape.  
Right after the shelter-in-place began, The Olympic Channel began televising past Abbott World Major Marathons.  They did a total of 19 marathons combined from Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin and Chicago.  The broadcasting rights for New York are handled by ABC/ESPN.  As of today, neither ABC nor the ESPN networks have shown past New York City Marathons.
I've watched 14 of the 19 (haven't yet watched the 2019 season yet).  However, it's amazing what each of the marathons have provided.  Watching what Meb Keflezighi did in the 2014 Boston Marathon still gives this runner goose bumps, especially after the tragic events of 2013.
In 2018, Des Linden was an after thought in possibly winning the women's race.  Yet, she became the first American woman to win since 1985 under miserable conditions.  It was her first marathon win.....period!  She had been in "the teeth" of the competition five previous times.  The sixth time was a charm.
You could say that for the men's field as well.  Yuki Kawauchi became the first Japanese runner since Toshihiko Seko in 1987 to win.  Everyone was talking about the rematch from 2018 with Geoffrey Kirui and Galen Rupp.  Kawauchi, not only won his first marathon major, but ran his 79th sub-2:20 marathon.  That surpassed American, Doug Kurtis for the all time lead in that category.  He has run eight more sub-2:20s since!
What is amazing about Yuki is he averages nearly a marathon a month.
More so, you can say that both Yuki and Des are among my favorite marathoners to watch.
Speaking of Rupp, the Olympic Channel didn't show the 2017 Chicago Marathon.  However, I had a chance to watch it on you tube when he set a, then, personal best.
Then, there was 2018 and Eliud Kipchoge's world best at the Berlin Marathon.  Personally, I felt he could have broken the record without the pace makers that were in the race.  Two of the three pace makers dropped out by 15 kilometers and the third one dropped out at 25.  It was the most dominant performance that I've seen by the "greatest marathoner of all time."
Now, if we can get ESPN/ABC to show those New York City Marathon highlights, especially of Shalane Flanagan winning the 2017 New York City Marathon.  I didn't get to see it because I was out of the country in the Philippines running in a 10 mile race at the time.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Guess It Was A Good Week

At The Waterfront 5K race last January.
We're now into May and at least 28 more days of Shelter In Place throughout the state.  The patience right now is thin as a string.
This runner-blogger is finding new ways (and old) of keeping the sanity in check.  Since the last post, the San Francisco Marathon was moved back to November 15th.  That means that the Oakland Half Marathon is now the next big race.  The race was moved from March to August 30th.
The training is now slightly altered towards running a sub-two hour race in about 17 weeks.  Last year, the goal was a sub 2:10 and fell about a minute short of that.  Things were okay until the 11 mile mark when things fell apart.  One learns something from each race and this one was no exception.  With a slightly better base and a full 18 weeks of half marathon training, things will hopefully be better.
Changing the units recently on the Garmin from miles to kilometers has helped mentally.  A running friend of mine from Japan shared this with me recently and it has worked for the moment.
This past week's virtual race (DSE Great Highway 5K) went okay, but have noticed after seven weeks of this whether to continue doing this.  The virtual runs go through the end of May.  The racing has become very draining when one is running solo.  Thanks to looking at an object ahead (a runner or a cyclist), I have been able to get through all of them.  It's nice, in one sense, looking at it as a speed workout.  However, I've seemed to have peaked for now and one is not getting faster.
On the Marathon Majors front, no changes have been announced on this fall's Berlin Marathon.  The decision to cancel altogether for 2020 hasn't yet been announced.
Speaking of Marathon Majors, getting into Berlin, London and/or Tokyo will continue as a lottery pick.  Since the next marathon will be San Francisco (unless I decide to upgrade at Oakland), will it become more meaningful to run well there?  With California International Marathon three weeks later, the thought process is the same as it was when the race was scheduled in July.
Hopefully, everyone is staying safe and healthy.  These posts are getting more challenging to do each week.  However, staying in condition is a must as if there is an actual race coming up.  Hopefully, that will be very soon!